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BlueBehavior ApS
Kyhnsvej 11, 1st
8680 Ry

Phone: +45 64 69 28 00

VAT / CVR nr. 35 84 17 33

More information about BlueBehavior, please send an e-mail to Ulrik Ramsing at or via SMS/TXT to cell at +45 40 60 79 60.

A brief history seen through recent year-end cards is found here: 2016 Thank You.
A Danish summary about Ulrik Ramsing is found here: Danish Intro.

Additional information and references on LinkedIn:
  Ulrik Ramsing – Leadership Architect & Catalytic Facilitator

Proven network of interdependent professionals and esteemed colleagues, who have played essential roles in recent international projects:

  Belinda Lange – Business Psychologist  (Denmark)
  Bret Nelson – Learning & Organizational Development  (USA)
  Catherine Dumont de Chassart – Co-active Coach and Trainer  (Holland)
  David Lunken – Leadership Facilitator and Strategic Planning  (USA)
  Ellen Sofie Kjensmo – Senior Advisor and Safety Consultant  (Norway)
  JaiKumar Chandrashekar – International Facilitator  (India)
  Kathleen Curran – Global Leadership Development  (Malaysia)
  Katrien Braeckmans – Program Director & Trainer (Netherlands)
  Lisbeth Holberg – Incident Investigation  (Denmark)
  Luc Limiere – International Facilitator  (Belgium)
  Maj Schøler Fausing – Business Psychologist, PhD  (Denmark)
  William Strobbe – International Director  (Belgium)
  Urs Kent – International Business Development  (Denmark)

The list is not complete; additional names and specialties available upon request.