Program Design and Learning Materials

Since september 2001, I’ve co-designed and developed international leadership programs for organisations of all sizes; from 50 to 500.000 – please see listed projects.

The assignments vary from open inspiration and co-creation with train-the-trainer sessions to detailed global academy implementation with locally branded high-impact materials and enterprise-wide online services.

bb-ppls-transp-img_2864-smallIn the fall of 2016, essential concepts have been summarized on unique Perspective Postcards, each containing a proven and impactful building-block for the international leader.

Across any and all media, the subject matter is leadership and/or facilitation, often within the four specialized perspectives noted on the front page. Approach and design considerations are summarized in the ABCDE of good program development.

Please see virtual and co-piloting for special note on developing virtual classes either as stand-alone, drop-in catalogue or co-creation for entire corporate academies.

Upon request I may share experiences with various program designs and various audience engaging visuals such as social networks, print-on-demand books, electronic co-notes, live voting, simulations, business actors, board games and playing cards.