Open Programs and Building Blocks

The programs below are available right now directly, through open enrollment with partners, and as building blocks for in-company/tailor-made courses. All may be deployed with short notice and according to a time-proven alignment process.

TRAILTransparent International Leadership - offered biannual by De Baak International in the Netherlands2+2 daysOpen enrollment
Living EHSSafety Culture Workshop - understanding what turns good ideas in to safe cross-company behaviors1/2 dayIn-company
InterventionsLearning how to engage and deliver safety focused leadership in offshore environments1/1 dayIn-company
OILOffshore Interpersonal Leadership - identifying personal leadership strengths within the requirements of Affective Safety Leadership (ASL) 3+2 daysStandby
APLAuthentic Project Leadership - the interpersonal skills needed to complement most project management trainings2+1 daysStandby
ePresenceIdentifying opportunities and defining the framework for effective distance leadership1+1 daysIn-company

OIL and NPL are continuously accepting participants via a stand-by list. Once 8 participants have signed up, we identify appropriate dates and locations for the training. It is recommended to sign up in teams of two in order to enable buddy-learning and strengthen subsequent implementation.

Please contact me directly for additional information and/or you wish a slot on one of the stand-by lists.

Please visit the virtual class catalogue for a list of available 45 minute on-line topics used stand-alone or as part of larger programs to lay down learning foundation and/or refresher summaries.