International Projects

BB_Project_Countries_201509Since 2011, international in-company projects and open programs have been co-created and delivered in Denmark, Norway, Svalbard, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Dubai, USA, Brazil, Thailand, India and China. Below a few examples:

Danish Oil & Natural Gas’ “Company Men” – Specialists in leadership and safety collaborate to develop unique programme  and  CfL and DONG Energy developed the ultimate leadership training for offshore CoReps

Youtube (raw cut): Roger shares his experience

Alstom AMP – Accelerated Management Program: Moving from personal leadership towards being an international executive

Youtube: Highlights from three cycles

G4S ELP – European Leadership Program: Implementing the solutions strategy and delivering future performance

De Baak TRAIL – Transparent Interpersonal Leadership for you to scale the cross-cultural ladders of global organisation (ongoing open program)

Youtube: Highlights from Cycle 6 2016

For ready-to-roll building blocks that have been prepared as inserts in to existing corporate academies, please see open programs and the virtual class catalogue.

For on-line dialogue on live projects, please see the Start-page