Virtual Class Catalogue

The BlueBehavior virtual class catalogue covers the following topics:

  1. TAO Leadership  – interpersonal time, agreements and observations
  2. Giving and Receiving Feedback  – appreciating gifts and keeping cool
  3. 4M Communication – message, motivation, media and manners
  4. Distance Leadership  – delivering leadership across all distances
  5. Individual Efficiency  – prioritization, planning, getting things done
  6. Cross Cultural Collaboration – working and leveraging differences
  7. Risk Management – identification, appreciation and mitigation
  8. Stakeholders – matched and meaningful project reporting
  9. Skill/Will – matching leadership to needs of specific tasks
  10. AEM Cubes – personal insight in preferences and innovation
  11. Collaboration  – creating and developing high-performance teams
  12. Authenticity  – knowing what you value makes decisions easier

The content of all these virtual classes have all been used and found highly effective in tailor-made in-company programs. After thorough evaluation and normalization, the content has been transitioned in to the open course catalog using robust technologies and best practices that have supported international learning efforts in market leading organizations of all sizes, from 15 to 100.000 employees.

A few essential slides on the benefits of virtual classes are found on introduction to the virtual classes.

Please click here for a list of conventional open programs and contact me directly for a free seat on the next available virtual class.