Virtual Classes – “Train not Travel”

Virtual Classes offers real training without the travel. Rich video and interactive collaboration tools allows for effective training in hour-sized bites that fits perfectly in to busy schedules.

 Same placeSame timeDialogueReplayScale
Physical TrainingYesYesYesNoNo
Virtual ClassNoYesYesYesYes

BlueBehavior provides a proven template and an experienced catalogue of 45 minute facilitated, virtual classes that gives you and/or your academy the convenience of e-Learning with the depth and debate of a facilitated, physical class — without the travel!

Here are a few slides to elaborate on the why, how and what:

Virtual classes are often used as a valuable component within larger projects and programs: As prerequisite introductions, as in-between modules for action learning or as refreshers in the months after the last module.

Used as a primer, the virtual class easily cover the basics prior to any meet-up, which frees up more time for the creation of real interpersonal experiences once the participants meet on location. To add flexibility and secure attendance, each class is often offered on a repeat schedule across relevant time zones.

With increased bandwidth, systems capability and proven on-line delivery on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, the geographically dispersed organization may employ virtual classes to achieve almost any training:travel ratio required by the underlying business case.